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The Future is Bright

Eden Prairie residents rightly take pride in our community. Those fortunate to live here know that its national reputation as one of the best places in the nation to live, work, and raise a family is well deserved. Wise, bold, and creative leadership are necessary to build on our present success and leverage the bright possibilities of the future for our children and grandchildren. I hope you’ll join me in that effort!

COVID-19 Pandemic

Managing Through Crisis

During this time when Eden Prairie continues to deal with the ongoing damaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we come together as a community to help each other, focusing on those most in need. To help ensure our City emerges stronger than ever from the present challenges, our leaders need to work to encourage every individual, business, and community organization to engage in the fight to help those suffering – especially our most vulnerable. 

Our City should encourage and emphasize partnering with non-profits to limit as much as possible the lasting destructive effects of the present crisis on its citizens and businesses. To that end, it’s important to work with our Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses through these challenging times. By working together, we can help ensure our City emerges with a renewed vibrant and robust economic environment that benefits all. We must also think creatively and respond proactively by considering ways to attract new businesses to our community, such as considering establishing an Eden Prairie business incubator to attract new businesses with high-paying jobs.

Light Rail

Integrating Light Rail

The arrival of light rail stations in Eden Prairie will undoubtedly be one of the most significant changes – and challenges – our City has experienced in decades. It is imperative that a thoughtful, comprehensive plan be implemented to keep our light rail stations clean and safe and to ensure they are integrated appropriately into our City. These plans must include feedback from residents. Only by listening to citizens’ ideas and concerns can the City Council optimize the integration of this soon-to-arrive transportation infrastructure.

City Finances

Budgeting Responsibly

As Eden Prairie taxpayers – citizens and businesses alike – cope with unprecedented economic challenges and uncertainties, it has never been more important to keep our taxes as low as possible while maintaining the high-quality city services our community has come to expect and enjoy. Every taxpayer dollar must be spent wisely and responsibly. Only by keeping our City financially strong and debt low can we effectively meet the challenges of coming years of technological transformation and continued economic disruption. The present economic and health crisis presents the ideal time to consider ways to improve the delivery of services and innovate to serve citizens responsibly and with accountability.

Safety and Security

Protecting Our Citizens

One of our City's fundamental responsibilities is protecting our citizens. It is important that we properly support and prioritize our police and fire departments, including through the use of technology advancements, so that they receive the equipment and training that they need to prevent incidents and quickly respond to incidents when they do occur. With proper support, our police and fire departments will be able to stay ahead of developing trends and will be prepared for tomorrow's challenges so that we remain safe and secure.

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