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LETTER: Miske brings experience, volunteer leadership

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

To the Editor:

With the upcoming elections little more than a month away and early voting already has begun, many voters are focusing on the issues that matter most to them. Many times, however, critical municipal elections are sometimes overlooked. This is unfortunate given how much direct influence local officials have over decisions that affect us.

Having lived in Eden Prairie for nearly 22 years, worked in the community and been an active volunteer, I know well the importance of wise governance to the private sector economy and have come to see firsthand the issues that affect local economies.

The challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic and the resulting economic downturn magnify the challenges facing local elected officials.

Small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges, employees are struggling and resources stretched.

These exceptional times are why I write to endorse Ryan Miske for election to the Eden Prairie City Council.

Ryan is a long-time active Eden Prairie resident who brings common-sense solutions grounded in experiences in business, hard work and volunteer leadership. He shares a passion for a bright future for our community and is deserving of your support.

Ryan has earned a reputation for honesty, transparency and fairness in both his personal and professional life. Now he seeks to bring his experience and personal qualities into public service on the City Council. His priorities are focused on the need to help the local economy get back on track after the pandemic recedes. This includes responsible budgeting for the city and the intentional, thoughtful use of every taxpayer dollar. Ryan knows the importance of keeping taxes as low as possible while continuing to provide quality services to citizens – including fully supporting our local police and firefighters.

I urge Eden Prairie voters to join me in voting for Ryan Miske for City Council on or before Nov. 3.

-Doug Loon, Eden Prairie

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