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LETTER: Miske will protect nature preserves

To the Editor:

Having been raised in the beautiful state of Minnesota, I’ve enjoyed many of the amazing lakes and trails that this state has to offer.

A main attraction to moving to Eden Prairie a year ago were all of the nearby walking trails and the many lakes to bring my kayak to. Priority must be given to keeping our shared trails and nature preserves maintained so that we can enjoy them throughout every season.

The importance of preserving our natural environment is one of the many reasons why I am supporting Ryan Miske for Eden Prairie City Council. I know that he will focus on maintaining the parks and trails throughout our community as a member of the council.

A longtime Eden Prairie resident, Ryan is committed to ensuring that Eden Prairie remains one of the best places to live and work. He is an Eagle Scout and is currently serving as a member of the executive board on the Northern Star Council - Boy Scouts of America and also served two consecutive years with the Scouts paving trails in New Mexico. These experiences have deepened Ryan’s connection with nature and dedication to maintaining Eden Prairie nature preserves.

Ryan understands the importance of serving our community hands-on approach and will work to keep the city financially strong and able to invest in our trails and parks. I hope you join me by supporting Ryan Miske on or before Nov. 3.

-Abby Smith, Eden Prairie

Read the letter on Sun Sailor:

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