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LETTER: Miske prioritizes business

To the Editor:

As an Eden Prairie small business owner, I know the passion and drive an entrepreneur needs to succeed. Even in normal times, success is difficult and far from guaranteed. However, the pandemic has made keeping the doors open EVEN more challenging and small businesses need all the help we can get.

A thriving business community is the backbone of our city: providing jobs, opportunities, and activities to our residents while also supporting our charities and community organizations. A City Council that actively promotes and helps build a climate that fosters business growth at all levels is imperative during the recovery. Eden Prairie City Council candidate Ryan Miske will make it a top priority to help small businesses survive, recover, and thrive after the pandemic.

Ryan has spent his career working with business leaders and truly understands their needs. His experience will bring a much needed perspective to ensure that the vibrant business community we had leading into the pandemic survives, recovers, and grows coming out of the pandemic.

I encourage a vote Ryan Miske for Eden Prairie City Council on or before November 3rd.

-Jake Grassel

Read the letter on Eden Prairie Local News:

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