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LETTER: Retired police officer supports Miske

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

To the Editor:

Innovation is what’s driving our economy, but also the safety and well-being of our residents. Having the latest technology resources for police and fire departments is crucial now more than ever for us to stay informed on challenges in our community. After serving 25 years as a police officer and retiring from the Edina Police Department, I understand what resources are needed for our teams to ensure safety on every corner.

Because of that, I know that Ryan Miske will do an outstanding job providing these resources to our police and fire departments as a member of the Eden Prairie City Council. Law and order in our communities has never been more important in these challenging times.

I have known Ryan over the years as a compassionate, caring and smart leader who cares about his community and well-being of its residents. Being an Eagle Scout and currently serving as a member of the executive board of the Northern Star Council - Boy Scouts of America, Ryan holds the qualities and knowledge to serve our community well. One of Ryan’s top priorities in his candidacy is ensuring safety for the Eden Prairie residents. That means, supporting the safety departments with advanced equipment and training to stay ahead of community challenges.

With Ryan’s full support for the Eden Prairie police and fire departments, I will vote for Ryan Miske for City Council Nov. 3.

-Kevin Rofidal, Eden Prairie

Read the letter on Sun Sailor:

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