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RELEASE: Eden Prairie School Board Member Dwivedy Endorses Miske for Eden Prairie City Council

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – Debjyoti “DD” Dwivedy, a first generation American and member of the Eden Prairie School Board, today endorsed Ryan Miske for Eden Prairie City Council.

“Ryan, who attended public schools before being a first-generation college graduate holding an undergraduate and two post-graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota, is a product of our public institutions and wants to keep them among the best in the nation," said DD. “In discussing local educational issues with Ryan on many occasions, I know first-hand his grasp of the issues, from budgeting and administration to the challenges facing our community’s students and their families – especially during the present challenges brought on the pandemic.”

DD is widely known throughout the community for serving on the Eden Prairie School Board and his inspiring story as a first generation American who came to the United States as a graduate student, pursuing his dreams at North Dakota State University. He is a prolific public servant, including serving in the United States Armed Forces and in several Minnesota and national non-profit volunteer organizations.

“I want to thank DD for his support of my campaign and for the good work he does on our local school board,” said Miske. “Making sure that our schools have the resources they need to provide every child in our community with a quality education, will be among my top priorities on city council.”

ICYMI: DD’s recent letter to the editor in the Sun Sailor, asking his fellow Eden Prairie neighbors to vote for Ryan in the upcoming election for Eden Prairie City Council, can be found at the following link:

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